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WELCOME TO WHITETAIL SOLUTIONS   "Network of Deer Management Consultants"
Organizational Overview

hitetail Solutions, LLC is an organization that specializes
in "managing the deer population through traditional &
alternative methods."

The white-tailed deer is the most abundant herbivore in the
Northeast.  Whitetails are valued and appreciated by large
portions of society which creates considerable controversy
concerning it's management.

Whitetail deer need adequate food, water, and living space
to ensure their healthy survival.
Deer productivity causes populations to exceed
carrying capacity (CC) unless balanced by
mortality. When the CC is exceeded the quality
of habitat decreases and the herds overall
physical condition declines.

CC is dependent upon local land use practices
and deer densities along with the priorities and
practices of local human populations.
Deer populations have the ability to exceed the CC of a given area. When this occurs, competition for limited food
supply results in over-browsing. Severe over-browsing alters plant species composition, distribution, and abundance
resulting in a reduction of under-story structural diversity.
The the population of white-tailed deer is rapidly increasing and with that comes higher instances of:
This suggests that the carrying capacity has been exceeded.
Carrying capacity is dependent upon local land use practices and deer densities along with the priorities and
practices of local human populations.
We offer a wide range of innovative solutions that provide residential and commercial property owners with an
effective deer management program.

It is the goal of Whitetail Solutions to continually research and offer various methods of deer deterrents through our
network of experienced professionals.  

We look forward to developing a plan that best suits your landscape and environmental setting.
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