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BOBBEX Deer & Animal Repellents
The ideal repellent is completely specific for the target animal; that is, it drives away the
animal that one wishes to repel without affecting or harming any other animals or people.
One type of animal repellent may effective for raccoons, while another animal repellent
may be more effective for skunks. It can be difficult to design a repellent method that
drives away only undesirable animals while having no effect on people or other creatures.
BOBBEX has the answers.

BOBBEX Animal Repellents are year round products.

BOBBEX Animal Repellents will not wash off in rain.

BOBBEX Animal Repellents are environmentally compatible.

BOBBEX Animal Repellents are harmless to animals, fish, birds, and insects.

BOBBEX Animal Repellents contain no petro-chemicals, and are made from natural and
recycled ingredients.

Environmentally-Friendly Animal Repellants Made in the USA