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BOBBEX Rose Products Family
Bobbex Rose Deer and Insect Repellent is a dual purpose repellent that stops deer
from feeding on your roses. The use of Bobbex Rose will also reduce the need for
insecticides, pesticides and fungicides, creating a healthier environment. Bobbex
Rose will not wash off during rain, irrigation or normal watering.

This product is designed and formulated to only to repel. Ultimately, our goal is to
give the insects that are feeding or living on roses an unpleasant environment and
make them move on. In the mean time soil microbes can continue to exist. Our belief
is that some of the insects should remain alive to become food for their own
predators to feed on. Thus assuring the continuation of the natural food chain, and
ensuring the continued existence of the predators of the insects that feed on the

Some of the damaging insects affected by the Bobbex Rose are aphids, mites,
leafhoppers, greenflies and sawflies. Our company, being in the “green” scene, has
made this product one that is as compatible with nature as possible, without being an
insecticide. Bobbex Rose provides rose enthusiasts with beautiful roses in a healthy
32oz. BOBBEX Rose Deer & Insect Spray Repellent
48oz. Ready To Use Spray
32oz. Quart Concentrate
$18.95 & Free Shipping
$26.95 & Free Shipping
$25.95 & Free Shipping