Dan Beyer - WhiteTail Solutions
Dan Beyer brings with him to WhiteTail Solutions, the love
and passion of the outdoors passed through his father an avid
freshwater fisherman.  Dan grew up by catching native trout
behind his house with his bare hands.  His passion took him
towards bird hunting with is friends and then the love of
archery deer hunting.  Dan has since enjoyed times fishing in
Alaska for Halibut and Salmon, to Bone fishing South
Florida, Striper fishing throughout the New England coast,
Black Bear and Caribou hunting in various territories of
Canada, Turkey hunting to over 15 years of chasing whitetails
in New York, Maine and throughout Connecticut.
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Dan is a member of
The Sons of the American Legion Post 174
The Quality Deer Management Association
The National Rifle Association
The International Bowhunters Organization
The United Bow Hunters of Connecticut
The Propsect Gun Club
The Fisherman

Dan is a Connecticut State Certified Archery Instructor

In his spare time he enjoys gardening, updating this website while
constantly generating new ideas.

Dan averages nearly 250 hours of hunting whitetail deer per year.

You may contact Dan at 203-233-8227or