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The members of WhiteTail
Solutions strongly support the
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The members of WhiteTail
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Who We Are
WhiteTail Solutions, LLC is an organization created
by four members who collectively share over 55 years
of suburban archery hunting experience and growing
through licensed distributors.  

We are creating awareness of the effects of deer over

For those residents that we can not possibly offer our
hunting services or for those that are just not
interested in the act of hunting, but need assistance
we are now offering a complete line of alternative
About WhiteTail Solutions
WhiteTail Solutions
Please feel free to contact us at any time to set up a free no
obligation consultation to discuss what method or group of
methods would work for your situation.  

WhiteTail Solutions, LLC
233 Riggs Street
Oxford, CT 06478

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Wildlife Nuisance

Dan Beyer brings with him to WhiteTail Solutions, a diverse background as an International
Sales Manager for 15 years in an Environmental Manufacturing Company.  He loves the
outdoors with a credible background from fishing in Alaska for Halibut and Salmon, to Bone
fishing South Florida, Striper fishing throughout the New England coast, Black Bear and
Caribou hunting in various territories of Canada, Turkey hunting to over 15 years of chasing
whitetails in New York, Maine and throughout Connecticut.

Dan is married to his lovely wife, Liza for the past 8 years, has one daughter and a
shepherd/rotweiler mix dog.

In his spare time he enjoys gardening, updating this website while constantly generating new

Dan averages nearly 250 hours of hunting whitetail deer per year.
Dan        Joe         Chris       Bob
Lewis "Joe" Tucker brings to WhiteTail Solutions the most experience in the both archery and
hunting experience.  Joe has worked for a reputable commercial well drilling service for over
25 years.  His years as an outdoors man started with pheasant and grouse hunting in his
hometown of Oxford, CT.  Joe has harvested over 140 deer with the majority of these through
his archery efforts.  Joe enjoys striped bass fishing, clamming and turkey hunting with his two

Joe is proud to have solely raised two grown sons and enjoys spending quality time with his
girlfriend and black Labrador retriever.

Joe averages nearly 300 hours hunting whitetail deer per year.
Bob Mitchell, Jr. brings with him extensive archery knowledge in tournament competition
through his previous board membership with the Algoquin Archers.  Bob is also very
passionate about passing his outdoorsmanship to his four children.  His eldest son Bob is
attending Unity Environmental College in Maine and is in IBO Archery tournaments.  Bob has a
background in installing and servicing air conditioning systems for both the commercial and
residential industry.

Bob has four children and has been married to his lovely wife, Kristen for the past 8 years.

In his spare time Bob enjoys boating on the Housatonic River and spending time with his

Bob averages nearly 275 hours in the field pursuing whitetail deer throughout Connecticut.
Chris Tucker brings with him to WhiteTail Solutions the love and respect of the outdoors since
a very young age.  Chris grew up with a passion for fishing and hunting passed down by his
father and 7 older siblings.  Chris is an operations manager with one of the countries largest
building suppliers and has volunteered many years to his community as a baseball coach
and helping with the boy scouts.

Chris resides in Beacon Falls with his lovely wife of 17 years and 2 teenage children.  His love
for the outdoors is now being passed down to his son who is now spending some time in the
field with him.

Chris averages 250 - 300 hours per year pursuing whitetail deer throughout Connecticut.
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