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Hunt to Feed by design is created to provide funding to process venison that is dontated to the CT Food Bank and various other non profit organizations.
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Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases
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CT Food Bank Success Story  

"Hunt to Feed Program Donates Lean Venison:  Protein is one of the most highly
sought after items in the food bank system.  Venison is a lean and healthy source of
protein made available to hungry people all across the state thanks to Connecticut
hunters.  The Hunt to Feed program, which raises funds to cover processing, allows
Connecticut hunters to donate venison to CFB. The campaign gave 1,208 pounds of
venison, nearly 5,000 portions of protein, to CFB between September 2007 and
January 2008."

Nancy Carrington
CT Food Bank

February 2008 Newsletter
Hi Dan
The venison goes well in our organization, we have 35 full time residents, 25 of them
are homeless individuals and families, and 10 are homeless veterans.

Some of the clients REALLY enjoy the product while others do not even know what
they are eating but eat it anyway.(It tastes great!!)

Still if it were not for the venison you donate, many times there would be no beef at
all. In these days of economic concerns, food donations are many times limited to
canned veggies, tuna and cereals. Beef and other perishables are difficult to obtain.   

In our opinion, the Hunt To Feed program is a real positive asset that contributes to
healthy balanced meals for our homeless people.

Thank you,
Hamlet Montero
Executive Director
Torrington Chapter of Fish
The Lyme Disease Association Eastern CT Chapter would like to thank you for being
a part of the Lyme Disease Seminar on June 17th.
The information your company provided at the seminar was valuable for people to
learn of ways to protect their yards and themselves from ticks. Thanks to companies
like yours, the lyme community has great ways in order to keep the deer population
out of their backyards.
We hope you will plan to join us at any future events that we have.
We'll keep you informed.
Thank you,
Margaret Becotte