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We are very proud to have become one of the few to offer the
nation's leading quality nutritional products including Imperial
Clover, Chicory Plus, No Plow and Secret Spot to name just a

As official field testers of Whitetail Institute we know these
products were created for the serious deer hunter and manager
who wants to provide the complete professional nutrition menu
that will produce the ultimate in quality deer.
Imperial Whitetail Clover produces up to 30 - 35 % protein 12
months a year and can last for up to 5 years without replanting, saving
you time and money! In terms of attractiveness, Imperial Clover has
no equal.  Part of the stipulation in the design of Imperial Clover was
that it had to be the most attractive food plot available to the deer.  
After all, no matter how nutritious a food plot is, if the deer do not eat
it, it doesn’t matter.  In this respect, expectations for high
attractiveness were exceeded.  Because of its design, Imperial Clover
is a lush, sweet, highly digestible forage that is a virtual magnet to deer
― it actually pulls deer from surrounding areas.
Imperial Clover 18#
(2.25 acres)
Free Shipping
Imperial Clover 4#
(0.5 acres)
Free Shipping
ALFA-RACK PLUS can add totally new hunting sites to your property:
By using ALFA-RACK PLUS, places on your property that are marginal
"travel routes" or crossing areas have the potential to become premium
stands that attract and hold additional deer. Because ALFA-RACK PLUS
grows where clover often doesn’t adapt, the possibilities for expanding
overall numbers and health of deer on your property is greatly increased.
Best of all, every buck, young and old, will carry a heavier rack and more
body weight!
Imperial Alfa-Rack Plus
3.75# (0.25 acres)
Free Shipping
Imperial Alfa-Rack Plus
16.5# (1.25 acres)
Free Shipping
Imperial Chicory Plus
CHICORY PLUS is a premium food plot planting with all the high-protein
attractiveness of Imperial Clover plus the added benefits of our exclusive
WINA-100 Brand Chicory specifically engineered for climates where high
summer heat and extended summer drought can slow clover production.
And, our exclusive WINA-100 Brand Chicory dramatically increases
palatability by reducing the thick, waxy taste of traditional chicory while still
providing maximum protein and nutrition deer need.