Find A Hunter
Friends of WhiteTail & Find A Hunter Program
Unlike other subscriptions - Find A Hunter Program is dedicated by design to give back
to their subscribers and their communities through innovative ideas and suggestions.

Subscribers to Find A Hunter will have an opportunity to portray their profile to
potential landowners possibly searching for a hunter or hunters to help manage the
deer herd on their property through the convenience of their own homes or offices.  

As our subscriber base grows, Friends of Whitetail in conjunction with WhiteTail
Solutions will promote and advertise through creative methods to drive landowners to
the Find A Hunter website .

The situation throughout the nation with rapidly growing deer herds in suburban
settings open the eyes of private landowners to allow hunters on their property.

Join to put your hunting experience profile in the eyes of private landowners.

Due to the over-whelming requests to join the Find A Hunter program we must charge
annual fee of $20.00 per year for a full profile which also includes a membership card,
T-Shirt, decal and business cards!
Find A Hunter Disclaimer

Find A Hunter has been created as a free reference to landowners.  Friends of Whitetail and
Whitetail Solutions LLC are not responsible for, nor do we endorse or recommend any hunter,
their actions or the contents of their profile.  We do not conduct background checks on their
profiles, certifications or other credentials.  Friends of Whitetail and WhiteTail Solutions will not
and does not guarantee hunting property to its subscribers.
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