About Hunt To Feed
Hunt to Feed by design provides many benefits to all that take advantage of the program.

This program extends itself from the discussion tables on how to properly control and
manage an ever-growing deer population problem all the way to the dinner tables of our
local soup kitchens that help nourish the hungry.

The deer over-population problem is a serious problem in so many ways.  For humans,
some of the more obvious dangers are
deer to car collisions, tick borne diseases and
deforestation; we also face a lesser yet important issue in costly landscape destruction.

For deer, equally as devastating an over-populated deer environment lends itself to a
potentially unhealthy herd.  Deer can face disease, starvation, be smaller in size and
generally unhealthy, and have unhealthy offspring with a sometimes painful and decreased

Hunt to Feed is first and foremost an avenue by which hunters can donate lean, nutritious
meat to areas within our society that may not otherwise have the means to benefit from and
are greatly lacking.  As many groups, charities, businesses and corporations generously and
consistently donate food, time and money to organizations such as the CT Food Bank, Hunt
to feed opens the doors for a unique and diverse way to donate as well.  

Hunt to Feed has paved the way for hunters to donate an over abundant harvest directly to
a state certified butcher for the processing, labeling and distribution of meat to the CT Food
Bank all at no cost to the hunter.

Hunt to Feed receives donations towards the expense of proper meat processing and
packaging.  It’s these generous and necessary donations made by businesses and
organizations such as The National Rifle Association, ….. that keep this necessary program
alive and growing.  

As the sport of deer hunting will never die, proper deer management through the States'
Replacement Antlerless Tag” and “Earn-A-Buck” programs in specified over abundant
areas can do so much more overall good than harm.  Couple this with the Hunt to Feed
managed meat donation arm to feed the hungry and a cycle of life completes end to end.

We appreciate any and all donations made to the Hunt to Feed program as they are a vital
part of this programs growth nationwide.
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